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How to build a profitable business

The goal of any businessman is to have a profitable business. In order to build such a business, you need to know what profit is in its essence. It seems everything is clear here – profit is the positive difference between income and expenses for the production or purchase and sale of goods and services. Accordingly, if you want to make a profit, you need to increase this difference.

But if you increase the difference, it may happen that in general no one will buy anything. Why? Because, in fact, profit is the difference between the costs of producing or acquiring and selling goods or services and the value of these goods and services. In other words, a profitable business is when the value of a commodity is higher than its price.

The difference between value and price is real profit. It can be artificial profit when the price is assigned without reliance on real value. The product, the price of which takes into account the real profit will be sold well. The product, the price of which takes into account artificial profit, will be sold very poorly, because it has a low value.

How to build the most profitable business
The older the product, the less its value. The value of a new product is higher than the value of an old product because the product is basically an idea. When this idea is weakly distributed, it has a high value, because it increases the value of a person in whom it is embedded through a product, it makes it more perfect compared to other people.

If the idea has been circulating for a long time and the product that many people have personified it, then it doesn’t increase the value of the person who owns this product. Therefore, all the leading global companies are engaged in the constant introduction of new ideas. They need them in order to raise the real value of their goods and sell them dearly.

Modernization of ideas is the only way to have real, not virtual profits and, accordingly, a profitable business. When there is no product that has a high real value, there are numerous problems with the sale of goods. The cost of solving these problems often becomes so high that the old product is easier to destroy.

Really profitable business
In order to facilitate the work on the dissemination of new ideas in order to create new values ​​and make it cheaper, the world’s leading corporations create markets, their own markets. Having your own market is an absolute competitive advantage. As practice shows, only companies that have their markets feel confident.

All others are under constant threat of bankruptcy or sale. Among the latest examples – Nokia, Volvo, concern PSA. The first were sold to Microsoft first, and then to the Chinese, the second and third were immediately sold to the Chinese. They had to be sold for the reason that the products of these companies did not have their own markets.

At the heart of the market is the idea. It takes root in one person or some aggregate of people, which then form the market. In other words, a market is a collection of people in whom this idea is implemented. Of course, the classic presentation on this score contradicts this presentation, but the times when the classic presentation worked have already passed.

Profitable business from scratch
Now there are completely different times that require different ideas. These ideas need to train all employees, if you want to have a profitable business. Only workers with modern ideas can make a profit, because only such workers can work in the real, and not in the fictional market.

The key to having a profitable business is the presence of a personal market, built around some idea and the availability of relevant specialists. Only when there are specialists who are ready to work in the present, and not invented market, can one conduct effective work. And, of course, there must be this very idea.

There are 4 types of ideas that can underlie the market: personality, product, business and the market itself. These ideas can be singled out with the help of the personal identity, product, business, and market, respectively. Also, with the help of legrams, one can deeply pump up the idea of ​​the market in order to start broadcasting it, which will eventually lead to market expansion.

Idea as a way to create a profitable business.
If the company produces cars, then you need to look for the idea that underlies this market. Reflections suggest that this market is based on an idea that may sound like “mobile movement in space”. The car is the embodiment of this idea, just the opportunity to realize this idea – to move in space.

Idea as a way to create a profitable business.
If the company produces cars, then you need to look for the idea that underlies this market. Reflections suggest that this market is based on an idea that may sound like “mobile movement in space”. The car is the embodiment of this idea, just the opportunity to realize this idea – to move in space.

If the company produces mobile phones, then you need to look for the appropriate idea and the logic suggests that such an idea is an idea that roughly sounds like “mobile communication through space.” If you do not the idea that lies at the heart of the market, then the product will not be sold, because it can not implement it.

Profitable business in crisis
As a rule, the company produces more than one product. This means that it is necessary to identify the ideas under which goods are manufactured or services rendered for all goods or services. As a result, after identification, a map of ideas will be obtained, with which to work. A map of ideas, among other things, will help to understand whether markets are chosen correctly.

It may be that the map will be ideas that are not related to each other. It is costly to engage in such ideas, because for this you need different resources and specialists. Accordingly, it may be decided that certain markets and, accordingly, goods must be abandoned in order to increase business efficiency.

On the other hand, on the contrary, it can be decided that some ideas need to be added, because the available resources are far from being used 100%, which also reduces competitiveness, and therefore survival. Often, companies own large markets, but they do not sell them, because they simply do not know about their existence.

Building a profitable business offers optimization of work in the market. First of all, it is necessary to determine how many people in general have a given idea and what is its activity. It may turn out that there will be as many people with this idea implemented as fingers on two hands, and we expected that we could sell millions of products.

To build a profitable business – you need to have a strong and promising idea, because an idea is the basis of a business. To find out if there is an idea and how strong it is, you can, for example, conduct a brand analysis. However, the idea is not enough to have, she still has to deal with. Hope that people themselves do not have to penetrate the corresponding idea.

It has never been in the whole history of mankind, so that ideas develop themselves, which means we can safely say that this will not happen in the future. In order to build a profitable business – you need to work well at the ideal level. It is necessary to choose a prospective idea, formulate it and pump over to it the employees working in the company.

Profitable business on their own
We must also keep in mind the fact that everything flows and everything changes. This means that ideas have a life cycle. They are inculcated, embodied and obsolete. After the idea becomes obsolete, the goods for its realization become unnecessary. For example, the idea of ​​communism was left in the past and the goods that served to implement it became unnecessary.

The icon of the Oktyabrka or the pioneer’s tie was once very popular goods, but now they are not needed by anyone, but they have begun to need products that serve to translate new ideas: mobile phones, computers and much more. Accordingly, in order not to be on the sidelines, you need to constantly create new markets based on new ideas.

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