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Effective technology to eliminate competitors

One of the main questions of all businessmen is how to eliminate a competitor. Making a competitor leave the market is the dream of every businessman. Eliminating a competitor once and for all is the most cherished dream of any businessman. This can be done, and quite easily. It does not matter whether a strong competitor or a weak, large or small.

You can make it so that any competitor leaves any market. A competitor will leave without a fight, in other words, it will not even be necessary to fight him and spend money on it. Under certain conditions, he will leave himself, you just need to create these conditions for him. As a rule, the competitor will leave quickly enough and will offer the winner his assets as a reward.

How to eliminate a competitor is known only to initiates who are familiar with noomarketing or similar technologies. Classical marketing is not enough to organize a situation in which a competitor simply will not have another choice. Classic marketing – it is to meet the needs and requirements, and not to fight competitors.

How to eliminate a competitor forever
Companies that own marketing or similar technologies exist. For example, a couple of years ago, a shameful flight from a market of more than 30 billion US dollars of one very serious player took place. The player is really very serious, because the cumulative sales of more than 220 billion US dollars.

Sales directly in the market from which this player left, reach 3 billion US dollars. If it was a newcomer, then it would be okay, but when this is not a newcomer, when it is a world-famous company with a capitalization exceeding $ 350 billion, then this flight can even be called a great shame.

This, as many have guessed, is about Samsung, which announced that it is leaving the hard drive market and is selling its business to the market leader, Seagate. To realize such a shameful escape of one of the leaders from such a “tasty” market could only be a company that owns not only classical marketing, but some special marketing,

How to eliminate a competitor without consequences
Seagate clearly owns marketing in which there are techniques that answer the question of how to eliminate a competitor, a very strong competitor. According to official data, Samsung has left the market due to the fact that it has become unprofitable for it, and also because the production of hard drives does not belong to the strategic sphere.

This can be believed because everything looks quite logical, but in principle, it is hard to believe, because this company is represented in the market of many devices that use hard drives, in particular in the notebook market. Having a better hard drive than other companies can seriously affect the competitiveness of a laptop,

Accordingly, whatever one may say, but nevertheless it is a strategic sphere. However, now, after the sale of this unit, Samsung, most likely, will not be able to get and realize this advantage. Accordingly, there must be another reason, more weighty. It is there and it can only be revealed through noomarketing or other similar concepts.

How to eliminate a competitor without a single shot
From noomarketing it is known that the idea is the basis of the market. Any market is, first of all, an idea. It takes root in people and turns them into consumers. The aggregate of carriers of a particular idea is the market. In our case, this is the idea of ​​“accumulating information on a computer”, but this is a basic idea that originated at the dawn of this market.

Now it has changed and developed. Formed a few new ideas. In particular, the most significant was the idea, which sounds like “reliable, durable, inexpensive and silent accumulation of information on a computer.” It is Seagate that makes hard drives that best fit this idea,

This suggests that Seagate is known for including an effective market expansion strategy and is using it. The bottom line is that the market on the basis of this idea is growing, while the market on the basis of the initial idea of ​​“accumulating information on a computer” is narrowing. It was in this market that Samsung was represented, which began to experience problems.

How to eliminate a competitor without problems
We see the Samsung leadership understood the perspectives of its company in this market and decided to leave it, because soon there would be no trace of him, and therefore the assets would have depreciated. The reason for this state of affairs, when the world leader in many areas is forced to leave the market, a large enough market and strategically important to it, is quite banal.

The problem is that the company management incorrectly outlined the basic idea of ​​the market and incorrectly calculated how it can change. Or, in general, they didn’t do it, because they don’t own noomarketing or similar technologies, which means they don’t know that there are techniques that allow you to know how to eliminate a competitor without direct competition.

One of the companies for which such technologies are known is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola Marketing is one of the best marketing in the world. Accordingly, the loss of Samsung is a strategic loss. Such a loss means a complete failure. You can only return positions if you start everything from scratch and at the same time wait for an error on the part of Seagate.

How to eliminate a competitor who is stronger than you
Seagate is unlikely to make a fatal mistake in the next 10 years. It will not allow it, if only because the idea that this company develops and services will dominate at least another 10 years. The error can be expected only after new ideas appear and Seagate does not calculate them and will not be able to adapt to them.

Seagate knew how to eliminate a competitor and did it. Samsung is unlikely to succeed in this situation, because with the currently dominant ideas, the ideas “reliable, durable, inexpensive and silent accumulation of information on a computer” it is the Seagate Barracuda brand that has the strongest associations.

This means that if Samsung attempted to enter the market around this idea, then it would have failed. This state of affairs is connected with the primacy, because whoever first came out and secured the leader’s reputation, he will be considered the market leader as long as this market exists. A good example in this case is Nokia.

How to eliminate a competitor in any market
Nokia was able to better associate itself with the mobile phone market and dominated it for a long time, until its idea changed. Then the idea changed, the evaluation of the marketing strategy that was used earlier was not made correctly and Nokia had to be sold to Microsoft. Such a fate can wait for the leader of any market.

Any company can fly out of the market if it incorrectly determines which ideas will soon be formed based on the basic idea of ​​the market and which new markets or new market segments will be formed accordingly. The idea is including the basis on which the targeted marketing strategy is built. In order to avoid a crash from the market, you need to master noomarketing.

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