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Where to find customers for big sales

Where to find clients is a question that worries businessmen the most. They think about it on average 50 times a day. The businessman wakes up with the thought of where to get clients and goes to bed with this thought too. Sometimes a businessman even dreams that he is looking for clients. In fact, the whole life of a businessman revolves around thoughts about customers.

Clients are the center of the businessman’s world. Why is that? It’s simple – business cannot exist without clients. Client for business is like charging for a smartphone. While the business is charged by customers, it works. As soon as it is discharged, it immediately stops working and then the number of customers must be urgently increased. If this is not done, the business will stop.

Moreover, both business and smartphone, even if they do not work, still require money. The subscription fee, even if you do not call, is still charged. A non-working business also has a kind of monthly fee: you have to pay rent, utilities, salaries to employees. Without clients, the business goes into a minus and becomes bankrupt.

Where to find clients for your business
The longer there are no customers, the more minus it turns out. Plus has only a business that has enough customers. That is why the question of where to find customers is the main one. To search for customers effectively, you must first determine how many are required. The logical answer is, the more the better. But this is incorrect, because the business is not rubber.

If the number of customers is greater than the business opportunity, he will not cope with them. Therefore, you need a reasonable approach to this issue. Aligning the capabilities and needs of the business to customers is simple. To do this, you need to determine the company’s expenses, the average income per client, the number of clients that can handle the business.

For example, all company expenses are 1 million rubles a month. The average income of a company per customer is 10,000 rubles. Features – 1 client per hour. The business operates 8 hours a day, 25 days a month and can serve 200 customers a month. The minimum number of customers needed to at least cover costs is 100, and the maximum that a business can manage is 200.

Where to find customers for the sale of goods
The calculations made above say that the appropriate number of customers lies in the range from 100 to 200. If 100 customers are found, then the business will go to zero. If there are 200 clients, then the income will exceed the cost of a 1 million scheme. You can spread it to your company by simply inserting data on your business into it.

The range can be significantly extended both upwards and downwards. For example, if you optimize business processes, you can significantly reduce costs, time for customer service, as well as the average bill. As a result, you can ease your task and look for fewer clients, or by expanding your business opportunities to get more revenue.

It is impossible to do without clients anyway, therefore the question of where to find clients in any case must somehow be solved. They may need more or less, but you still need to look for customers. Search for something without knowing what is meaningless and hopeless. Therefore, it is necessary for you to clearly define for yourself who the client is, what he is, what happens.

Where to find customers for sale services
At first glance it may seem that there is nothing complicated here and who such a client is understandable so. However, the reality is not so simple. The bottom line is that a client is not every person. A client is a person who has pumped an idea, which he can realize with the help of your product or service. If a person is not pumped up with an idea, he is not a client, but simply a person.

If a person does not want to realize an idea that corresponds to your product or service, then they simply do not need it. In this case, the idea must be active. If a person has pumped the idea, but it is not active, then he is not a client either, but just a person. Another important point that must be taken into account is that there are 3 types of customers: draw, own and lost.

Each of these types is searched in different ways. Your clients are those that your company has created by incorporating the right idea into people. Lost customers are those created by another company, but for one reason or another lost them. Nobody’s customers are those that no company has created, so they don’t belong to anyone.

Where to find customers to maximize sales
Nobody’s customers, as a rule, are created automatically by themselves without the participation of any company, pumping with a suitable idea at the point of need formation. For any product there are from 10 to 200, and sometimes more such points. Due to the fact that no-fake customers get for free – they are very desirable and any business wants to get them.

To get such clients, it is important to know the points of need formation and to have their base, but not only to know, but also be near such places, because the activity of the idea of ​​such clients is often short-lived. Sometimes the idea of ​​such clients is active for 5-10 minutes. Accordingly, if you do not take the client “warm”, he quickly becomes cold.

If a person becomes cold, he ceases to be a client, again he becomes a person who does not need anything, who does not buy anything. No customer can create: place, event, time. To make it clear what the point of the formation of needs is and how it creates the client, consider one example. So, the guy came to the park and sat down on a bench to rest.

Where to find customers without effort
As a result of the fact that the guy is in a state of rest, the idea of ​​”relaxation” gradually takes root in him and becomes active. As a result, he begins to think about how to implement it. The point of need formation in this case is the bench in the park on which he crouched. The guy was in a place where the idea was activated or introduced.

It automatically turns into a client, completely without the participation of any company. If in a small radius from him there is a shop, cafe, stall with something interesting, he will go and buy something for himself. But if he hadn’t come to the park, then he wouldn’t be in a place where the idea was activated and wouldn’t become a client and would not buy anything in the end.

Automatic generation is good, because the client turns out free. But how many people go to the park to rest? How many of them spend the right amount of time in the park? How many of them want to buy exactly what they have? Obviously, a draw client is a casual client. If you count only on such, you will not get rich much.

Where to find customers who really buy
No one’s customers is only 3-5% of the possible number, another 3-5% are lost customers. The remaining 90-94% are their clients, to the creation of which efforts must be made. Lost customers are those created by another, not your company, but lost. You can lose a client due to the fact that the company did not meet his expectations.

Hopes may not be justified due to the failure to fulfill obligations or the impossibility of their fulfillment, due to bankruptcy and so on. Accordingly, it is necessary to look for lost clients where they designate themselves, well, or to have “ears” wherever clients can be lost in order to intercept them quickly. All this again is very unreliable.

Obviously, the best customers are their customers. Only by having your clients can you be successful. You can get your customers in only one way – to create. Only by creating customers, you can get them so that they consistently cover the costs and bring profits. The more clients are created, the greater the total profit.

Where to find clients for business development
How to create customers? It was said above that a client is a person who wants to realize an idea. Accordingly, to get a client, you need to get a person with an idea that can be realized with the help of your product or service. No one except you will not introduce ideas for the implementation of which need your products. You must do this.

Of course, many are engaged in this, but the problem is that they are trying to introduce not an idea, but an idea. Thought does not create customers, but only like-minded people. As a result, it seems like I want to get my clients, but only like-minded people are obtained, but not clients. Like-minded people do not buy anything, although they praise your goods or services.

A real client is a person in whom an idea is embedded, not a thought. Obviously, the thought of where to find customers should be thrown out of my head if you want to pretend to something serious and earn a lot. The right thoughts are thoughts about how to create customers, and not look for them. Creating customers in principle is not difficult, knowing the algorithm.

Where to find clients for prosperity
If you know the algorithm for creating clients, then the question of where to find clients will simply not bother you. You can create clients as much as you need and then when you need them. The algorithm for creating clients is very simple – first of all, you need to have a 100% formed idea, for the realization of which you need your goods or services.

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