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How the invisible hand of the market creates customers
There is an opinion that the invisible hand of the market is what controls the market. Opinion is controversial, but dominant. This is considered because the market is uncontrollable and…

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How the invisible hand of the market creates customers

There is an opinion that the invisible hand of the market is what controls the market. Opinion is controversial, but dominant. This is considered because the market is uncontrollable and seems to be working on its own, as something independent. As a result, the market must obey, it is necessary to adapt to it, its opinion must be taken into account, it must be guided by its desires.

The need to obey does not like businessmen who are accustomed to, that they all obey. Moreover, it is unpleasant to obey it is not clear what and to whom, because the market structure is very abstract. But nothing remains to be done, one has to obey, because, as if one does not do this, then one can fly out of it very easily, very quickly and forever.

The market is controlled by the invisible hand of the market and you must obey it. All movement in the market is 100% dependent on it. It actually determines the level of demand, the level of competitive prices, the characteristics of goods, the price that motivates buyers to buy. We can say that it is the invisible hand of the market that sets the trends in the market.

What does the invisible hand of the market look like?
It’s better to be friends with the invisible hand of the market if you want your products or services to sell well. But is friendship possible between a businessman and the invisible hand of the market? Is it possible to shake the invisible hand of the market and enlist its support? It is possible, but only if you own noomarketing, because noomarketing makes the invisible hand of the market visible.

Moreover, through noomarketing, you can not only shake this hand, but also become a friend to it, with the result that noomarketing is the basis of a successful business. What is the market in terms of marketing? From the point of view of noomarketing, a market is a structure based on the idea of ​​a product, or the idea of ​​an individual, business, or the market itself.

For example, if a product is a car, then the idea of ​​a car may be at the heart of the market. If it is a mobile phone, then it may be based on the idea of ​​a mobile phone. Accordingly, in this case, the idea of ​​a particular product is the invisible hand of the market. This idea controls the market and, accordingly, all those involved in it.

The mechanism of the invisible hand of the market
The invisible hand of the market always works solely in their own interests. She favors those initiatives that develop her and destroys those initiatives that do not allow her to develop. It determines the demand from consumers and motivates them to consume goods and services. Demand is equal to the number of people in whom the idea of ​​this product is embedded.

If the number of carriers of the idea is 99999 people, then the demand is exactly this value. No more, no less, and exactly 99999 units of goods needed by the market. If 100,000 units of goods are offered on the market, one will never be sold. If you want to sell more goods, then in this case it is necessary to introduce the idea into more people.

But to introduce the idea into more people is not enough, it is also necessary to organize effective interaction between marketing and sales in order to enhance the effect. As long as the idea is not embedded in a person, the invisible hand of the market cannot influence it and motivate it to purchase your product. While the idea is not embedded in a person, it is impossible to sell him a product or service.

The principle of the invisible hand of the market
The invisible hand of the market creates supply and allows you to make a profit from marketing. She motivates the carriers of this idea, who can produce relevant products for her, to be engaged in their production. It is for this reason that people create different businesses, and not because they want to make money, as they think at first glance.

Accordingly, in fact, we have two classes of carriers of this idea: consumers and producers. Consumers – those in whom the idea is implemented, but not yet developed. Producers are those in whom the idea is implemented and developed. For this reason, the effect is different. Anyone who has developed the idea of ​​this product can become its manufacturer.

The price can also be said to set the invisible hand of the market. More precisely, it determines the value of the goods for producers and consumers. Then, based on the feeling of this value, consumers determine what price they are willing to pay for the goods. Manufacturers, in turn, determine at what price they are willing to sell the product.

The concept of the invisible hand of the market
Without the invisible hand of the market, a sense of value could not have been formed. Accordingly, it would be difficult to assign a price. For example, if there are 5,000 carriers of this idea as consumers, and the producers offered them 10,000 goods, their value drops. This is felt by the consumer and as a result he is no longer willing to pay a high price for the goods.

On the contrary, if there are 5,000 consumers and 500 goods, their value increases and the consumer is ready to pay more. Obviously, the invisible hand of the market is a very specific structure based on the idea. The truth is not such an idea, which is introduced into the consumer or manufacturer, but the idea of ​​another, higher level.

In essence, it is the same, but stronger and more powerful than the one that is embedded in the manufacturer or consumer. However, it does not have a carrier and this makes it omnipresent. This is not an easy idea, but an omnipresent super-idea. If the consumer is in a particular place, the producer too, then the super-idea underlying the market is everywhere.

How does the invisible hand of the market
Superidea affects its carriers from a distance. And here a logical question arises, can the carriers of the usual idea influence the super idea? Of course they can. The carrier of an undeveloped idea, or in other words, the consumer can tell her that he needs a product that corresponds to this idea, that he needs something that will allow her to realize it.
Superidea transmits this information to the manufacturer, motivates him to produce more goods. The manufacturer gets it through intuition. Based on the information from the superideas, the manufacturer knows approximately how many goods the market needs. The producer can tell the superb that he can produce more goods and he needs consumers.

Superidea or in other words the invisible hand of the market is the intermediary between the producer and the consumer. It automatically introduces the idea of ​​a market into the people who suit it and thereby creates new consumers in the quantity needed by producers of goods and services. The right start of a business is to create one.

The role of the invisible hand of the market
Without an invisible hand of the market, consumers and manufacturers could not find a common language, tune in to one wave and inform each other about themselves. The management of superidea is the business of the new generation. Superidea is omnipresent. For her, the distances that separate the consumer and the manufacturer are not an obstacle. But there is one problem.

Despite its strength and strength, the superb is not omnipotent. She can implant herself in other people, she can motivate them to develop it in themselves. But people are often so lazy that they don’t want to independently develop an idea embedded in them, because they need to think a lot. To think many people do not like or do not have time for it.

Ready-made elements of the idea, its parts, in order to develop it in themselves, they would use, but they don’t always want to or cannot create them. Therefore, not all people in whom the idea is introduced become consumers, which means that manufacturers are not able to produce as many goods and services as they need for profitable work.

The concept of the invisible hand of the market
Correcting this situation through the creation of missing elements and their transfer to potential consumers can be dealt with exclusively by people who own marketing or better by marketing noomarketing, because noomarketing is more effective in this matter. At the same time, these people should be well and powerfully pumped with the right idea.

Despite the importance and necessity of marketing, many manufacturers and businessmen refuse it, regarding it as something superfluous and unnecessary. Here they make a big mistake and in fact deprive themselves of big sales, but they can be understood. The fact is that they themselves in themselves developed the idea and moreover, created a product corresponding to it.

Based on this, they logically believe that all other people are also capable and willing to develop ideas in themselves. But it is not. In reality, only 3-5% of people independently create the elements necessary for the development of an idea and become consumers. Another 10-20% of people themselves use elements created by marketers, and also turn themselves into consumers.

How to make friends with the invisible hand of the market
The rest of the people, and their overwhelming majority, do not want and cannot develop the idea in themselves to such a level as to become consumers of goods and services. Only marketers can help here. They own tools that turn even the most lazy people into consumers. Due to the fact that marketers are able to create consumers – they need a business.

A business can not exist without customers, so it needs marketers. Of course, manufacturers can master the tools if they read articles on marketing, but as a result they will become marketers themselves and they will have to do many things at the same time, they will have to sit on two chairs, which is not very convenient.

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